Frequently Ask Questions

Frequently Ask Questions

What asked Frequently to us?.

What is the media planning services?

Media planning, report or suggestions on how to use the media. Radio, television and the preparation of promotional ads or text to be written through the mass media and begins with the publication. This results in the effect of tracking and publication process. Radio ads, TV ads, newspaper ads, ads.

What is the launch?

The launch, touted to (announce) is a form of expression has been modernized, product transportation method of the target audience or consumer briefings given to the sales organization.

What is a logo?

The logo is the first step towards becoming the company's brand. activity after a few moves to be made by everyone, event, promotion or campaign is designed to provide a sign that consumers are able to remember and be able to recognize him. Consisting of letters and symbols.

New logo design fonts, or fonts are available, made with the help of a computer program using symbols? Programs used Illustrator, Corel Draw, Freehand.

To be aware of situations;

countries where the company is located,

social and cultural structure of the consumer audience.

The importance of color to use. language and sense of color.

leave scars in the minds of symbols, meanings.

the impact on the product.

It must be prepared in a format suitable for printing

What is digital communication design?

Digital communication design plans is related to the use of electronic communication devices. Especially with computers and even small mobile computers to reach their target audience on the internet are the reports that are contained in the message. People without seeing each other, (radio, TV, newspapers, Internet) text, ads, documents, messages are not using audio and video tools.